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Interview with Komarova Anastasia, how to be an artist in NYC

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

A few months ago we visited solo exhibition of Anastasia Komarova, visual artist from Kaliningrad, Russia recently relocated to New York. So, we used our chance to introduce her works to you and interview the artist.

Anastasia, how did you start to draw? For how long have you been drawing? What have inspired you to draw?

- I started drawing when I was a kid. It happened at once.  I got a pencil in my hands. I had some short pauses along the way and more intensively practiced while  in the university. I lived in

a pretty isolated place, so drawing was a great escape from the reality that surrounded me.

Tell us something about your sculptural and architectural background?

- I received a Masters from the Moscow Architectural Institute, a scion of the famed Vkhutemas school, which was instrumental in the Russian avant-garde and constructivist movements of the early 20th century. We had a great course of sculpture and painting that helped me a lot in my future projects. Besides I developed the sense of space not only from the technical drawings and constant travels but via observation while working on sculpture or painting.

Major pro and con being an artist in NYC?

- Millions of artists. Sometimes it feels that every 3rd NYC citizen is either an artist or is working in an art sphere. I think it’s great you have a very broad experience of what is going on now but also it is quite challenging to find a gallery and your audience.

Could you tell us more about your charcoal drawing technique?

- I use charcoal to make quite precise lines that create shapes. I draw on a heavy canvas which makes the process even harder but that is what I like in the series the most. It is meticulous and very meditative process that gives the sense of no time and makes me  dive into the idea of what I am working on.

What is your uniqueness?

- Maybe you can find the answer in my works. I have no intention to be unique and never had this as the goal. I think the most important is to be able to do what you really love and to be

open to experiment with new and not to be afraid to take a risk.

Could you tell us more about your exhibition opening  in NYC?

- I had my first solo show in November. It was exciting to see some of the works together. It made

some sense and visualised in quite a nice way. Though I was a bit more critical.What does inspire you?

What does inspire you?

- NYC is my main inspiration, its people, architecture.

Which artwork is your favorite?

- It is hard to say which one is the favorite. I am very agile to the works of art. Feelings come and go. I saw recently Edward Burne-Jones retrospective whose works and

direction are completely different from what I do, but not less fascinating. The favorite one from the show was The Tree of Forgiveness.


- Just try to find the artwork. You will see.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

- Work and travel. Travel and work. I am pretty bad in building 5 years plans. I just hope that

these years will be busy for me with new projects and events.

Artist Komarova Anastasia

IG: @mooqko

Interview by Daria Mudrova


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