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No sooner had New York moved on from the magnificent exhibition “Obsession” featuring Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, and Gustav Klimt at The Met Breuer located on Madison Ave, than New Yorkers began rushing to the new enchanting exhibition of MARK + SPERBER: Through the Looking Glass at the GILLES CLEMENT GALLERY. This is quite the contrast to the 19th- century expressionists.

American artist Devorah Sperber and Swedish video sculptor Marck manipulate the reality and perception of their visitors, inviting them to visit the wonderland of optical illusion.

In Sperber’s exposition, we witness thousands of thread coils creating pixelated versions of famous works by famous artists.

Similar to a pointillist, the artist creates her works by hanging threads in long columns, twisting them making them barely recognizable abstractions.

When viewed through an optical device she calls a “visible sphere” a 2-inch transparent ball, while standing a few feet in front of the coils, the inverted abstractions are compressed into a surprisingly detailed and accurate image of the original work.

Perhaps here we should not dismiss the second artist exhibition of Marck as a simple combination of sculpture and video.

He has long been engaged in the fields of film and video, multimedia projects, and music as well as kinetic and sculptural objects. His research allows him to cross the boundaries of perception to become a messenger of visual communication through a sculptural frame. His works seem to break through the dimension

of their frames and find their way out into the space. This is the search for the dissolution of boundaries of physical constraints.

The author plays with his audience rather than answer the questions he presents.

You can choose a different path and not wait for the exhibition to walk through the galleries of Chelsea. Especially since in Gagosian you can catch the new works of Mary Weatherford entitled “I’ve seen whales go to” open until October 15.

You will not regret viewing the huge, heavy, linen canvases spontaneously painted, carefully cut across neon tubes. It is breathtaking to experience her work. The canvases seem to shout from the walls “Choose Me! Look at Me! I will tell you the story of my Creator’s experience of the last 2 years!”. In her paintings, Weatherford focuses on her response to current events, linking them to her experience of pre-modern narrative pictorial compositions.

Of course, the world of Weatherford, Klimt, Sperber are so different and alluring, they set the rhythm of New York, and this is only a small part...

Author: Irina Chistikina



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