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Paola Pivi, We are the baby gang

Perrotin Gallery at Lower East Side presented the Paola Pivi's ninth solo show. Seventy baby polar bears frolic, play, nap, and explored the top floor of Perrotin New York.

Instead of fur, the bears have sprouted florescent feathers.

Paola Pivi originally began making full multicolored feather - covered bears while she lived in India. Animals are cast protagonists in Pivi's world. She draws upon their perceived characteristics and instill them with human mannerism.

Like the majority of artist's works, "We are the baby gang" also drawn from Pivi's personal narrative. Specifically, the aesthetics of parenthood. She was inspired by miniaturized objects that began to populate her surroundings when her son came into her life. Like a human child, the baby bears, even in their ferocity, need protection. This artwork highlights the universal need to be protected and loved along with the responsibility and interconnectedness of all living things.

She created the playful space full of love, joy and peace.

Author: Daria Mudrova


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