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Affection by Orchard Galerie

Date: November 23, 6-10pm

83 Rivington St., NY NY, 10002


 Press release


Affection by Orchard Galerie

For the opening of Taste Café NYC: Where art and music meet.


Orchard Galerie is pleased to present AFFECTION, the art exhibition for the opening reception of Taste Café, a place where art meets music. On Saturday, November 23, 6-10 pm at Taste Collection, 83 Rivington St, NY NY 10002. 


In the exhibition Orchard Galerie will spotlight artworks by Jessica Matier, Greg Griffith, Amy Stone, Monica Delgado, Ilya Dorsky, Anastasia Samohovetc, Alex Markwith, Cloudy Visions, Nana SRT, Monica Delgado, Xan Pardon, Mitsushige Nishiwaki, Jen Ramos and will showcase one-of-a-kind fashion art pieces by Mary Rosenberger, Rebecca Lipsitch, Kopf and among others. After the opening, some of the artworks will remain on view at Taste Collection.


By being presented in a multimedia context,  AFFECTION  seeks to demonstrate how art integrates the whole of perception by immersing guests in an array of experiences (visuals, aromas, flavors and sounds) to enable interactions beyond what’s physically tangible. Notions of rhythm, brushstrokes, vibes, colors, textures, harmonies, expression, cadence, and the like will be liberated and will merge with what the evening has to offer. 

Taste Cafe NYC  aims to be a point of contact for art connoisseurs, music lovers, and like-minded individuals seeking inspiration and/or new flavors in an informal gallery-like setting. The space is proudly colorful, confident and artistic. Executive TSISMIS Chef  Jappy Afzelius created a  seasonal menu  for Taste Cafe NYC consisting of pastries and other baked goods using a  new wave of techniques and ingredients such as matcha, ube (purple yam), pandan, among others; as well as a curated selection of the finest coffees and teas.


The music line up consists of internationally acclaimed DJ SASHA HART, DJ MC Jay Vallo, DJ Stevo, and more. In additional to music entertainment life-painting with Dj Vallo, Mary Rosenberger and vogue dance performance by Karina Precious.


Composed of an international network of art bloggers, social media influencers, taste-makers, photographers, videographers, aspiring curators and other artists; Orchard Galerie offers the resources and support structure for artists to connect with new audiences and markets.


Hosted by Orchard Galerie's CEO Daria Mudrova, Art Curator Irina Chistikina,  and Taste Cafe’s music curator Sasha Hart.


We looking forward to see you!


Location:  83 Rivington Street, NYC 10002

Opening/presentation:  Saturday November 23rd, 6 to 10pm



Curated by Orchard Galerie

CEO  Daria Mudrova
Curator  Irina Chistikina



by  Tsismis Jappy Afzelius



DJ Sasha Hart



Sophie Sumner  /



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