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Kopf bags 

The name KOPF means “head” in German. Our bags look like real human heads. The design is unique and 100% handmade.

This is not just a bag with unusual shape. There is a huge meaning, a real story behind every bag. This is your PERSONAL MESSAGE to society.


KOPF is a real PIECE OF ART. You can use it as an element for your apartment or office design. It will fit perfectly. Your unique style will surprise  guests.


The quality of material is excellent. We use the combination of thick vegan leather outside and soft genuine leather. It delivers  strength and durability for our bags.


Every time you open your purse you will enjoy the softness of a genuine leather interior. You will be proud to open your unique bag.




KOPF bags are not just usual bags. They are pieces of art. There is a personal message, a huge story behind every bag. You buy the whole story, the meaning, the idea of what fits your world.

Kopf Bag Human 5.JPG


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