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Sergey Nehaev

Sergey Nehaev is a Russian-based artist, musician and poet. Born in 1976.

"My passion for music (especially The Beatles) brought me to the collages. In the early 90s, I started to cut music magazines, glued pieces of wallpaper, and filled spaces in between with lyrics. Then I got the pause, and a bit later after tragic times in my life, I decided to make collages again, but as a part of therapy at this time. Instead of music, I bought fashion magazines, and step by step it turned into a digital form. I am inspired by the work of surrealist artists and the predecessors of this movement: Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Rene Magritte, Sergey Parajanov, and others. I am also greatly influenced by contemporary collage masters, especially representatives of the Spanish and Latin American schools, which are characterized by a special expression and artistic poignancy. In my art-works, I am concerned about a variety of topics related to universal values: love, freedom, pacifism, faith, gender

relations, aesthetics, and a special place occupied by the reflection of the media and propaganda, since I worked for Russian television.

I believe that surrealism is a unique key to understanding the world. My duty is to collide dissimilar elements on the same field and thereby strike an invisible spark that will evoke the viewer's emotions.

Collage is a magical process. It helps to take a fresh look at seemingly familiar things. With age, people lose the sense of wonder that children have, and the collage helps to awaken this forgotten feeling of discovering the world.

At the same time, it is also a meditative process that allows you to relax and get a good dose of hormones of joy. When I am creating collages I am building dramatic situations and trying to find the birth of the plot and dramaturgy already on the way.

It is always an intricate game of images, archetypes, unusual plots, and plays with a human mind. There is no needs to have any special knowledge to understand my collages. It is just a fantasy, so I do not name the works at exhibitions, I am just letting the spectator himself travel in a surreal world without any hints.


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