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“CAFFETTI”- A combination of the artist's true last name “Caffey” & the word “Confetti”. Growing up, one aspect of life heal ways realized was that confetti could change the aura of any room with one "POP!" Pin at as filled with an explosion of glitter and paper to poppers at an 80thbirthday...confetti will always bring a smile up on anyone's face. Caffetti is portraying that same higher -frequency of happiness through his art. With the use of confetti,  Caffetti intends to artistically speak on sensitive subjects while using aesthetically pleasing content to provide a lighter touch to a deeper conversation.

Circa 2019. . . ."CAFFETTI" is a 29 year old Contemporary Artist, Middle School Art teacher, & Graphic Designer. He began to sketch around 9 years of age in a little 9" x 5" leather bound notebook his mother bought him on a Friday afternoon. The words inscribed in it " Now you can stop doodling on all of our fax paper" prompted a collection of sketches and doodles of a young man with a love for art.  March of 2014 brought a realm of new tools in which Caffetti could produce works of art with a different flow inspired by the stroke of a brush. The cloud character “Armani”, who is named after Caffetti"s  late brother Kwasi Armani Pecou who was known for his charismatic facial expressions. The use of the confetti is to abstractly express different variations of emotions in a “loud” yet silently joyful manner. The use of Caffetti's illustrations will transport you to an atmosphere of higher frequency. . . . take a leap into the thought process.....




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