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Dereck Hard

Matěj Dereck Hard was born in 1985, in the capital city of Czech Republic - Prague, where he currently resides and creates. Master of Fine Arts from the Institute of Creative Photography in Silesian University of Opava, Czechia. His artworks are a comprehensive series of styles based on pop art photography with a clear concept. He focuses on staged photography - mainly still lifes, self-portraits and photographs telling a story. He is interested in art form of photography, in which he does not hinder the joke. He often criticizes himself and the contemporary social problems, the topics that matter to him. Dereck also reflects the contemporary environment of the modern city. He uses photographs using conventional photographic techniques (f.e. multiple exposure), but using digital camera. Of course, using post-production as well, but he doesn't create collages or photo montages.


He publishes authorial art books with a story (f.e. fairytale ZUličníci or comics PHOTOMAN!) and has regular exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition to his free art work, he cooperates with Red Bull  - he has his own photography art sections about living and working environment of interesting people in Czechia and Slovakia - LIVI´N and WORKI´N. These are complemented by the sport lifestyle orientated TRAINI´N. Between the years 2010 to 2016 he was photographer, publisher and editor in chief of magazine about street culture called Are We BASTARDS?!, which was published free of charge in printed and digital format. Dereck was the official ambassador of Canon in the Czech Republic between 2014 and 2015.

The current ambassador of: LG OLED TV / Casio G-Shock / Fuji Instax 

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