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Fedorov Ilya

lya Fedorov was born in 1986 in Kazan, got a degree in architecture. From his 13 years he went in for graffti and it had an impact on his further artistic path. We can still feel the infuence of street art in his current works.Ilya recycles historical issues by using philosophical and social symbols that can be recognised, he also questions himself about the cultural foundation of nowadays world in his oeuvres.Ilya signs his works as “DorDor” (coming from his family name) which gave birth to the name of the gallery that he founded in 2018 in Moscow.


As in Russia art market isn’t developed at all, his objective was to unite young and talentedartists, give them an opportunity to be themselves and get known as they deserve it. Under the guidance of Ilya, Dordor Gallery expands in parallel to the developing russian and western art market. In 2019 he opens Dordor Gallery in New York, city known as one of the biggest art hubs of the world. Consequently it will get him to his objective: to bring young artists to the international market.



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