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George Szepesi

Since 1976, George Szepesi has been developing an art theory around the constant transformation of all things with relation to the passing of time. Simultaneously, he is devoted to researching and understanding the principle of LINE.


In 1979, while in Boston, Massachusetts, Szepesi began his series, EGABRAG, showcasing the process of objects’ evolution. Szepesi continues this project today.


Szepesi collaborated in “Expo” Digital Magazine in Houston, Texas. In 1995, he established the Anonymous Artists Association's Ephemeral Museum IN SITU in Caracas, Venezuela, a museum which creates numerous graphics, temporary art presentations, outdoor installations, indoor performances, and large-scale art works. To this day, Szepesi creates light installations, 2D paintings, and 3D sculptures.


Before moving back to Houston, Texas in 2000, Szepesi worked in Venezuela, France, and Brazil. He currently works and resides in Austin, Texas.


Szepesi's works have been exhibited in various international Biennales. He won first prize at the Lawndale Big Show in Houston, TX in 2005. He is also represented in different public and private collections around the world, including in China, Germany, France, San Francisco, and Boston.

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