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Jen Ramos

  1. Jen Ramos is a New York City based artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur who has painted bright & bold artwork for over 10 years. From her childhood back in Anchorage, Alaska to NYC, art has always been a passion. However, her journey to becoming an artist began much later in her life. Armed with a talent for graphic design and Interior styling, she launched Made By Girl in 2005 selling unique art prints and other graphically designed paper products. 

  2. Fulfilled as an entrepreneur but unable to have a family, she turned back to her passion and began painting as a means to raise funds for adoption. Heartbroken about not having a child, and uncertain if her work would help her get there, she launched her very first collection of paintings in 2010 and sold them all in less than 2 weeks. Fueled by how well her art was received and realizing that fears of being a “starving artist” were unfounded, she became a full-time artist. Eventually the fundraising resulted in the adoption of her son in 2015. 

  3. Two years later, in 2017, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer & after 2 major surgeries, she decided to focus on her health on a holistic level. She painted less during that time in order to focus more on her well-being, her family and her faith. 

  4. Since then, she’s filled her days exploring and enjoying the creativity that art provides. Fueled by her own adoption journey, she enjoys donating to organizations that provide grants to families seeking to adopt. Jen’s work has been featured in numerous publications and design blogs. She has collaborated with popular brands like Madewell (art pop-up shop), Dagne Dover (painting in store), Fossil (painting in store) and more. 

  5. Her works evoke a range of emotions, underscored by feelings of happiness, joy, hope & sometimes a little chaos. Jen has sold close to 1000 paintings, she believes that original art makes your space your own. Using mixtures of both strong and muted colors, her approach tends to be spontaneous with geometric shapes, bold brushstrokes, and expressive lines. Her work has evolved over time & her current work is a reflection of who she is today. Jen’s art is never intended to be mysterious, overly complicated or too artsy. Instead her art is happy, lively & fueled by determination. She’s always felt her art was like a symbolic language in which she conveys feelings & ideas to others. Simplicity, elegance, luxury, and harmony define her aesthetic. 

  6. Jen loves traveling, Interior design, fitness, music and clean eating. She resides in New York City with her husband, son and lots of wonderful artwork. 

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