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Art Digest February, NYC 2020

Hi, here is our small digest for the month February!

Gladstone Gallery on the Upper East Side is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Salvo. Focusing on the artist’s compositions of landscapes and cities, this show surveys more than 30 years of Salvo’s artistic practice and highlights his early conceptual art and his astounding aptitude for portraying the complexities of light and the passage of time. The works in this exhibition, painted between 1980 and 2011, harken back to avant-garde predecessors like Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carrà in distilling real, imagined, and remembered spaces into a profound meditation on the passage of time. The pastoral scenes and quaint villages Salvo portrays are created with a vibrant palette of oil paints and reference architectural motifs and plant species native to the cities where he lived and worked. Unlike de Chirico and Carrà’s visual response to industrialization and modernism, Salvo’s paintings focus more specifically on complex psychological narratives and abstract concepts like time. This ability to translate the passage of time through his incisive approach to capturing differing lighting situations is further demonstrated by the titles of Salvo’s paintings; many of the works on view are named after seasons, months, or times of the day. The multifaceted body of work Salvo left behind solidifies his crucial place in the history of art and lasting influence on modern and contemporary artists alike, says Gladstone Gallery.

Notte d'inverno, 1995, Salvo. Gladstone Gallery

We very recommend you stop by at JTT at 191 Chrystie St where you can find the finest pieces by Sam McKinniss.

Sam is an American abstract and figurative postmodern painter based in Brooklyn. In his figurative painting, which has become the dominant practice, McKinniss works from photographs, found images as well as pictures he took. His subjects include reclining male nudes, floral still lifes, and images from popular culture. McKinniss develops a symbolist vocabulary for contemporary figurative painting; he sources material primarily from online image searching. He has painted a wide range of celebrities including Diana Princess of Wales, Prince, Tyra Banks, Whitney Houston, and Madonna.

The Olsens, 2019. Sam McKinniss

A non-profit arts organization founded in 1972 A.I.R. Gallery which is located in Brooklyn on 155 Plymouth St., has presented the group exhibition with Hend Al-Mansour, Diane Cionni, d'Ann de Simone, Robin Dintiman, Kathryn Hart and many others. Similarly, regardless of space or time or context, the artists in the exhibition explore recurring moments—centered around home, family, relationships, work, nature, technology, play, adventure, joy, and trauma. These are the “nows” that appear, throughout our lives, in unexpected ways, if we but stop to notice. Like beads on a string, they make up our “forevers.”

The artists draw on a range of experiences, methods, and styles to present moments in which hope and optimism mingle with death and decay, and joy and humanism flirt with escape and disaster. It is a fragile forever now. But in their brave and compassionate responses to our contemporary world, their work offers hope and promise for the future, the A.I.R. says.

Mirjana, 2019. Carola Miles. A.I.R. Gallery

Until February 29 you can find yourself at the Minus Space on 16 Main Street in Dumbo with the solo exhibition Gabriele Evertz: Exaltation, with her new abstract color paintings.

Color has been the defining subject matter of Gabriele Evertz’s artistic practice for the past three decades. Her exhibition Exaltation presents new large-format abstract paintings that deepen and extend her color research and experimentation.

Although she initiates new paintings objectively, Evertz finds that “the world seems to have a way to insinuate itself into the work.” Her paintings first address the wonder of sight through the psychological and physiological effects of color, but direct viewers to engage with many other aspects of the human experience, including biology, chemistry, physics, optics, philosophy, literature, and history.

ZimZum, 2019. Gabriele Evertz. Minus Space

Please, don't forget to share with us your experience and suggestion. We would like to have a company with you next time on our gallery visits.

Enjoy your exhibitions!



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