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Jeff Wall, Gagosian

Updated: May 28, 2019

Exhibition April 30 till June 22, 2019

Jeff Wall’s (born in 1946 in Vancouver, Canada) first exhibition with Gagosian Gallery is an enigmatic display of human relationships, quiet landscapes, and Wall’s introduction of time-based narrative in his triptych, I giardini/The Gardens.

With compositional similarities to Édouard Manet’s garden paintings, Wall explores relationships between his subjects through distance, gesture, and emotional expression.

His large-scale inkjet prints allow for a fully immersive experience where conversation with the people who appear in the photographs is encouraged. He exposes natural landscape with vibrancy and depth more representative of painting.

Jeff Wall uses photography as a way to explore hidden artistic conditions, and continually sets to achieve the impossible photograph.

Author: Beau Allen Collins



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