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$950.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price

This is our most positive bag. The person used to suffer. He has those signs still on his face. But he doesn’t suffer anymore. He is enjoying his life. Those pretty flowers symbolize a new life, the hope and the awakening from his previous life and problems. The green flower on his nose shows that the person can smell nature. Red flowers on the corners of the mouth symbolize the beautiful thoughts he can share.

The purse has front and back light. It shines in the darkness to show a beautiful life full of hope, colors and smiles.


Your bag has lights in the back and in the front. Simply insert your key into the hole to turn on light (there is two lights in the front and in the back)




The bag looks like a real human head, decorated by many beautiful genuine leather flowers. Available in black or beige. The options for the inside leather are orange, green, red or blue. The bag has lights on the front and on the back. The strap is a genuine leather.

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