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Kopf Bags, CHIPPED

Kopf Bags, CHIPPED

$950.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price

CHIPPED is a significative bag for KOPF with new a important message.


In the time of computer globalization the person has become the processor, a soulless machine. He works non-stop and needs a charger and light permanently.


Your bag has ta light in the back and in the front. Simply push the button in the back for the light and hold it to change the color. Spin the eyes in the front clockwise to switch on the flashlight.






The bag looks like a real human head, decorated by cables. Inside is dark blue soft genuine leather. Optionally, the inside leather may be a different color (orange, green, red or blue). There is a light coming from the back of the head. The strap is a genuine leather.

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