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Kopf Bags, LIFE

Kopf Bags, LIFE

$850.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price

This backpack has the shape of an ear and at the same time the shape of an embryo. That’s why the name of this bag is LIFE.


It means new life is coming. And we have signs of that new life: flowers and leaves. Green genuine leather inside looks very organic. The mirror in the center of the backpack reflects our reality and transforms it into beautiful light. It glows as well in the darkness. The embryo has spikes which symbolize thorns of roses.






The bag has the shape of an ear. The front is black, the back is beige and soft (providing more comfort for your back). It can be one color (black or beige). The inside is green and it’s genuine leather but you can choose be red, orange or blue. The front part is decorated with a mirror, covered with special paint that shines in the night. The front part is decorated with a rose and leaves as well. Genuine leather strap. The backpack can fit an IPad Air and other items.


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