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The FLOWER HEAD shoulder bag looks like a real human head. And it’s decorated with a small lock on the back.


Here is the story: the person is suffering to be unseen and uncounted. His mouth is chained and blocked by spikes. His freedom is blocked by the lock (on the back of the head). But he still has beautiful thoughts. He would like to show them to society. His ideas are transformed into beautiful flowers and they are coming out of the head.


The nostril and the keylock glows in the darkness. They symbolize hope. The person didn’t give up. And his beautiful thoughts and ideas shine in the dark.






The bag looks like a real human head, decorated by many beautiful genuine leather flowers. May be black or beige. Flowers may be green, orange, red or blue. Inside is a red, soft genuine leather ( symbolizing blood). Optionally, the leather inside may be a different color (orange, green, red or blue). The nostrils glow in the darkness, covered by a special safe color. The back of the bag is decorated by a lock which symbolizes that your thoughts are locked by society and can’t get out. The keyhole shines in the darkness as well, because it’s covered by a special color too. The strap is genuine leather.

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