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"You can call {Sustilé} many things; designer, visual artist, passion provocateur, digital warrior, pussy enthusiast, art princess. Though the list is extensive, one thing {Sustilé} is not is fearful. A courageous voyeur of female identity and explorer of empowerment and kink,  {Sustilé} is  making a statement – and she won’t stop until she’s got your attention." -Jerilyn Jordan, AudioFemme Magazine


Sustilé is the artist persona of SKNDLSS. 

She is a performance artist, designer, model, writer, and muse. Her work investigates the psychology of gender and class, specifically narrowed to gender roles portrayed in contemporary culture, and consumer culture’s impact on human identity. She uses embroidery, chainmaille, and other traditional craft processes along side their political histories. She attempts to use expectations of femininity metaphorically through references to surrealism and pop-culture alongside highly accessible consumer materials.

She has a degree in art from an accredited college and studied fashion in Paris and Berlin. 

Her work has been shown in New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles  Art Basel, and a variety of other other small places that aren't worth name dropping. 

She is currently based in NYC.

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