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Tony Sasso 

With no formal art training Tony Sasso’s style blurs the line between outsider and visionary, contemporary and folk. Using various media, he amplifies pieces in three dimensions, often fusing old with new, revealing innate impulses—sometimes dark and sometimes bright. The work is intended to be viewed from different angles: physical, emotional, intellectual. 

Tony Sasso has sailed the world as a merchant seafarer, held municipal and state elected office, works as an international labor activist and is an environmental advocate and surfer. In 2006, he organized the Art of Surf Culture at the Foosaner Art Museum (formerly The Brevard Museum of Art), to this date the best attended exhibit of the museum. He is a former board member of the Brevard Cultural Alliance and the former director and board member of the Florida Surf Museum. Finally, he is a founder and current director of The Studios of Cocoa Beach, a non-profit art co-op featuring 35 artists. Though he has been producing art for 50 years, he only recently opened his work to public view. His first formal showing was in 2016 in Key West. Since then, Tony has shown and sold his award-winning art throughout Florida.

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