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Press Release ARTMOTION by Orchard Galerie, June 27th 2019

ARTMOTION by Orchard Galerieat Taste Collection New York.

A New Platform for Connecting Artists with Their Audiences

ARTMOTION by Orchard Galerieis proud to present their first art book and a selection of various contemporary international painters, photographers, mixed-media and designers in the New York art scene for a one-night only pop-up event at Taste Collection, a concept store located at 83 Rivington Street, on Thursday, June 27that 7pm.

Hosted by Orchard Galerie's CEO Daria Mudrovaand curator Ira Chistikina, the pop- up will spotlight artworks by Veronika Im, Kopf Bags, Sergey Nehaev, Nina Brooke, Alfredo Pless III, Mani Vertigo, Fei Alexeli, Polly Pless, Katya Zvereva (artwork by courtesy of the artist and the Untitled Space), Emily McDonald, PWR Stack, Stephen D Young and Zhanna Novikova, as well as digital projections featuring other artists in their roster and an overview of their vision of what's to come.

Guests can enjoy complimentary drinks and bites from TSISMIS, the brand-new Filipino restaurantlocated right next door.

The alternative approaches presented by these artists are a celebration of the rich and multi-faceted culture in current time. These artworks highlight the dialogue between artists and the audience and cultivate new visions, inspirations and art experiences.

Orchard Galerie encourages the audience to take a look at both the website and Instagram feed and join the art dialog. Submissions are welcome for a future art book and events.

Composed of an international network of art bloggers, publicists, social media influencers, taste-makers, photographers, videographers, aspiring curators and other artists; Orchard Galerie offers the resources and support structure for artists to connect with new audiences and markets.

Instagram: @orchard.galerie


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