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Press Release - March 2, 2019

Orchard Galerie hosts a Pre-Launch Art Pop-Up 

at Taste Collection New York. 

A new platform for connecting artists with their audiences

February XX, 2019 New York, NY– Orchard Galerie is announcing the launch of their new initiative and website at a Pre-Launch Art Pop-Up event that will take a place on Saturday March 2, 2019, at 7pm in Taste Collection, a concept store located at 83 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002.

Orchard Galerie aims to provide artists with a unique platform for representation and promotion in the New York art scene. Composed of an international network of art bloggers, publicists, social media influencers, taste-makers, photographers, videographers, aspiring curators and other artists; Orchard Galerie offers the resources and support structure for artists to connect with new audiences and markets.

The website aspires to be an alternative resource for anyone interested in art by focusing on a variety of streams including listings and reviews of current exhibitions, art digests, and interviews—as well as offering a small selection of artworks for sale. Audiences are encouraged to take a look at both the website and Instagram feed to join the conversation and submit artwork to be showcased in upcoming online features and events. 

The art pop-up will be hosted by Orchard Galerie's business director Daria Mudrova and curator Ira Chistikina who will be presenting artworks by Nicolas Lucociero, Roberta Schilling, Michael Sanzone, Goldie Poblador, Devon Farber, Peter Mc Lennan, Lynn Park Charveriat, Christopher Charveriat, Anna Usacheva as well as digital projections featuring other artists in their roster and an overview of their vision of what's to come. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be provided. 

“We look forward to seeing you there.” - Orchard Galerie


Art Inquiries:



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