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The Top 4 New York Art Shows in April

In the begging or April The Shed was open and brought to New York fresh air.

1. What is The Shed: Opening April 5, 2019, where the High Line meets Hudson Yards on Manhattan's west side, The Shed commissions original works of art, across all disciplines, for all audiences. From hip hop to classical music, painting and sculpture to literature, film to theater and dance, The Shed will bring together leading and emerging artists and thinkers from all disciplines under one roof. Our team would diffidently stop by there and see how “Reich Richter Pärt”, two immersive live performances—one conceived by composer Steve Reich and painter Gerhard Richter, the other by Richter and composer Arvo Pärt — will explore the shared sensory language of visual art and music.

2. In Fergus McCaffrey gallery on 514 W. 26th Street we will see the Kazuo Sharaga’s opening March 23.

A Japanese artist best known for his performative painting practice Shiraga’s gestural style was influenced by American Abstract Expressionism. His objects were to allow action and everyday life into the creation of dynamic artworks. Once the artist said: “I want to paint as though rushing around a battlefield, exerting myself to collapse from exhaustion,”. The exhibition is going to be there until May 18.

3. Through June 23 at MoMA PS1 we all can find ourselves in wonderful world of Nancy Spero and her exhibition “Paper Mirror”.

Among the first feminist artists, Spero drew on archetypal representations of women across various cultures and times in an attempt to reframe history itself from a perspective that she termed “woman as protagonist.” Organized by artist and curator Julie Ault, Paper Mirrortraces the full arc of Spero’s artistic evolution, bringing together more than 100 works made over six decades in the first major museum exhibition in the US since the artist’s death in 2009.

4. Do not forget about Lower East Side and take a look on Joakim Ojanen’s solo exhibition (March 1st – April 14, 2019) in The Hole gallery.

“Snake pit” the first solo show in New York by Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen. In eight ceramic sculptures and five oil paintings, artist shares his unique universe of duck-billed boys, silly hats, sweaty dogs, hairy legs, soccer balls, trees, clocks, clowns, and, of course, lots of snakes.

“Snake Pit” is his most ambitious installation yet, as he has executed a massive painted ceramic tile floor and suspended all his precious friends above it. With writhing snakes below, his eight creations sit on suspended pedestals precariously perched above the pit.

See you around!



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